How will the coronavirus pandemic affect your retirement plans? Are you doing enough?

There’s nothing ‘novel’ about the coronavirus. Despite our best efforts to curve the virus through practicing social distancing and good hygiene, this insidious disease appears to be here to stay.

With this new reality in mind, how will the ongoing pandemic continue to shape how we lead our day-to-day lives? So much has already changed. What was once a routine trip to the grocery store is now preempted with caution and anxiety. We can’t even see our grandkids and relatives without ‘masking up’ and contact tracing. Once intimate settings have now been replaced with strained conversations through Skype or window panes out of an abundance of caution. This is not the future we were promised. You deserve a voice of reason and reassurance. Pine Forest of Oak Island is here to help.

Pine Forest of Oak Island can ease your anxieties as you transition to the next chapter of life

Every facet of our lives has been affected by this virus in one way or another. As you approach the golden years of retirement, you have some pretty big decisions to make. An ongoing pandemic isn’t the ideal time to be dealing with such delicate planning either. With so much uncertainty clouding the horizon, it’s comforting to know that we have your best interest at heart. We know how scary it can be to plan for the next chapter of life and transition to a senior living community. You’re worried about potentially giving up your independence. At Pine Forest of Oak Island, we empower residents to make these difficult decisions by providing a wealth of options for optimal senior living.

Pine Forest’s continuum of care is a comprehensive health care system that values your needs and respects your wishes

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Life is not a bubble. We can’t hide from the terrors of the world, but we can make logical decisions to help us better prepare for the future. Since the onset of this pandemic, millions of Americans have began to reconsider living in dense population centers. In early April, we watched as New York City was transformed into a ghost town overnight. Harrowing images of overcrowded hospitals and emergency rooms transfixed our gazes and left us collectively asking ‘Why?’ How could this happen? It’s easy to blame poor urban planning and an overemphasis on ‘city living.’ But the truth of the matter it it’s up to each individual to make prudent choices for their future.

At Pine Forest of Oak Island, we have carefully cultivated a senior living lifestyle that emphasizes health and happiness. While you can’t spend your life in a bubble, you can make practical decisions to enhance an active lifestyle. Our healthcare and medical campus inside our community NC Hwy 211 is anchored with Novant Health Family Medicine Pine Forest clinic providing care on campus, The Landings at Brunswick brings assisted living, secured assisted living for memory care. You’re just minutes to regional health care with Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center and Dosher Memorial hospital

Reside in comfort with those who matter the most

Don’t let the unknown prevent you from making sound and logical decisions today. This pandemic will pass. Life will go on. But we should heed it’s lessons. We live in an age when comfort and convenience is only a click away. We owe it ourselves to spend our retirement years in comfort without sacrificing our independence. At Pine Forest of Oak Island, you can enjoy all the comfort of modern amenities without the prevailing feeling of the unknown that was created by this awful pandemic.

Pine Forest offers Luxury Residential Living without costly club requirements or excessive homeowner dues while providing maintenance free lifestyle with quality amenities. Our coastal living options include both single family homes,luxury apartment homes and town-homes in the near future. Pine Forest offers the beach life at its best for seniors and adults with real solutions for aging parents seeking a reassuring, positive experience and access to the care they deserve without the need to travel or relocate later in life.