Active adult living communities can enhance, enrich quality of life of seniors

A senior living community is a misnomer. When people think of retirement neighborhoods, images of drab duplexes and uninspired activity centers may come to mind. Nothing should be further from the truth. At Pine Forest of Oak Island, we are redefining senior care by developing a fully envisioned coastal lifestyle community that encompasses amenities to live a fully enriched life on your terms. We emphasize both active lifestyle and integrated premium healthcare to optimize your quality of life.

Our golden years are meant to be spent with your friends and family in a safe, nurturing environment that strives to anticipate changing needs and desires. No one should spend the twilight of their life in uncertainty or stress. Pine Forest of Oak Island and the Pine Forest Plantation will be an inclusive and immersive retirement experience that will feature all modern amenities, including access to an integrated continuum of health care in one community. You’ll be surrounded by a newly formed entourage of friends and health care professionals, who are committed to your happiness and wellbeing.

You’ve spent your entire life working for your loved ones and the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor. No one should take that away from you, which is why Pine Forest of Oak Island is committed to offering access to full active lifestyle that bridges fully independent living to assisted living, which you might chose to accept down the road. With these key points in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the advantages of residing in a senior living facility, such as Pine Forest of Oak Island.

It’s time to reinvigorate your social life

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Island Time Band

The stresses of working a full-time job while raising a family don’t leave a lot of free time for socializing. The fact is, many of us lose touch with long-term friends from college once we enter the working world. Everything else just seems to fall by the wayside as we plunged forward into a career and adulthood, but now is the time to reestablish old connections or make new ones. At Pine Forest of Oak Island, you will have the opportunity to forge new bonds through our comprehensive health and wellness programs, which includes gardening and learning about growing fresh foods. Our Amenity Clubhouse will also feature an array of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you fit and active. It’s also a great place to make new friends.

You’ll feel safe and protected

Senior living communities, such as pine Forest of Oak Island, are well-known for their safe and accommodating neighborhoods. Moreover, Oak Island’s crime rate is remarkably lower than the state average. The chances that you or a loved one will be involved in property crime, much less a violent crime, are exceedingly low.

Warmer climate will lead to an elevated mood and better overall level of health

It’s no secret that warm, subtropical air reinvigorates the body, mind, and soul. Oak Island offers a warm and temperate environment that is conducive to positive thinking. Warmer air is also synonymous with joint pain relief and there may be a link between warmer climates and relief from respiratory problems. Access to a continuum of health care in proximity to your home also eases anxiety about recurring medical conditions and emergencies. Our projected memory-care and acute health-care facilities are projected to meet your changing needs in a safe and nurturing environment.

Can ease future transitions

At Pine Forest of Oak Island, we understand that you value continuous independence and autonomy in your golden years. By constructing a modern senior living community with your needs in mind, we have simply streamlined the best qualities of life in a single community. We will also offer assisted living facilities and care to help you successfully transition to the next chapter of life.

It’s convenient

Residential units will include single and multi-family homes, rental condominiums, town-homes and assisted living facilities. Planned personal services may bring meal preparation and delivery, fitness, education, recreation, transportation, complete property maintenance and housekeeping, as well as progressive medical care.