Community Supported Agricultural Farm at Pine Forest of Oak Island, NC
at Pine Forest


Community supported agricultural farming will be one of the highlights of life at Pine Forest of Oak Island. Seniors will be able to grow organic fruits and vegetables (including a large blueberry field!), providing an important connection to nature, while helping to augment a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Farm at Pine Forest

Community-supported agricultural amenities will be a bountiful asset to our residents’ lives. This active farm will provide ample opportunity for residents who wish to volunteer and get their hands dirty, in shared gardens, or by tending their own. Wish to simply enjoy fresh fruits and produce? You can do that as well, or if you want to view nature’s beauty and watch as the gardens grow, you can walk, run, bike, or tour the farm via roads and trails.

Blueberry Fields

Blueberry fields at the Farm at Pine Forest of Oak Island

Get Your Hands Dirty

Get your hands dirty at the community supported agricultural Farm at Pine Forest

Farm To Table

Farm to Table produce from the community supported Farm at Pine Forest

Community Supported

Community Supported Agricultural Farm at Pine Forest of Oak Island
Reconnect with your roots, enjoy fresh produce, and join friends at the farmers market.